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Market Perspectives: Simon Cordell the Head of Credit Risk at Ratesetter Australia

Last Friday, I sat down with Simon Cordell the Head of Credit Risk at Ratesetter Australia. Simon is a 20-year veteran of consumer and SME credit (he was head of small business risk management and head of consumer risk at Amex (Australia) before joining RateSetter in 2016) and has worked all over the world for Amex. He

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Ratesetter Australia targets the key domain of banks – secured loans

Ratesetter Australia targets the key domain of the banks – secured loans. Late last week Ratesetter Australia announced that it would be the first P2P lender to offer secured personal loans, targeting a market at the heart of the banking industry. I met with Daniel Foggo the CEO of Ratesetter and Glenn Riddell the Head of

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InvoiceX no need to be sitting in Sydney nor Melbourne

A new dedicated invoice financing platform called InvoiceX is operating out of Hobart in Tasmania. A long way from the market noise of Sydney or Melbourne with government and corporate funded incubators and banks desperately stepping all over one another trying to be seen as leading the fintech race in Australia, but as always oblivious

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