As I find resources, information that I believe is highly value adding, I will place a link to it in this section.

Best P2P and Market Place Lending sites

  • this site is run by Peter Renton, the material here has a global focus, but focuses on Lending Club and Prosper to of the largest US P2P companies. The information is first class and jam packed with good advice. Peter also has recently started a small investment fund to pool investors money and look to earn the best returns he can in Lending Club. Finally the Lendit Conferences are held around the world, Peter and his company have developed these into the most informative conferences held.
  • this is the premier conferences held in the Australian & NZ region on Crowdfunding and P2P Lending run by Simon from NZ.
  • Simon also runs a top blog on Crowdfunding called
  • When you apply for a loan or a credit card, lenders will generally ask credit reporting bodies for your credit report and may use your credit score to help decide if you qualify for credit and to assess the risk of lending to you. Your score could help determine whether you can borrow, how much you can borrow, and at what rates. Use to find out your Credit Score, its free and really simple.


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