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Off-Shore Funds target NZ’s P2P Harmoney

Harmony, the NZ P2P lender, opened its doors in early September see http://www.ozp2plending.com/harmoney-nz-launches/. At that time it made international headlines with the announcement that it had opened with institutional investor support of over $100m.  ‎The question that followed was who were these investors, were they local funds or off-shore players? Well earlier this week, it came to

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Harmoney NZ Launches

The NZ P2P lender Harmoney launched last week and they announced today that they have raised some NZ$100m in funds to lend. Neil Roberts who heads up Harmoney, said that the money raised had been from four large investors including the domestic bank Heartland. It really is an impressive launch of a P2P business to

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