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A Blockchain solution for Marketplace Lending, it’s from Sydney

Blockchain continues to generate a huge amount of interest and hype within the global capital markets, and now we see something tailored for marketplace and alternative lending coming from Sydney. The use of blockchain (distributed ledgers) provides a new approach for data management and transparency, which will become a solution to many of the inefficiencies

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P2P for everyone – Ratesetter Australia opens its doors for business

A few days ago Ratesetter Australia https://www.ratesetter.com.au officially launched its new P2P Lending Business and opened its doors for business. They now become the first P2P lender licensed to offer P2P lending to all Australians. RateSetter Australia CEO, Daniel Foggo, said, “RateSetter is the first and only P2P lender operating in the Australian market licenced to offer all

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Off-Shore Funds target NZ’s P2P Harmoney

Harmony, the NZ P2P lender, opened its doors in early September see http://www.ozp2plending.com/harmoney-nz-launches/. At that time it made international headlines with the announcement that it had opened with institutional investor support of over $100m.  ‎The question that followed was who were these investors, were they local funds or off-shore players? Well earlier this week, it came to

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A real bank alternative – SocietyOne

In August 2011, Matt and Greg Symons (no relation) co-founded Australia’s only currently active P2P lender, SocietyOne http://www.societyone.com.au. Whilst working in San Francisco, where two of the large online P2P marketplaces in the US are headquartered, Matt was exposed to P2P for the first time . He returned to Australia in 2010 and was introduced

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GetCreditScore.com.au is a website recently launched where Australians can check their credit score, absolutely free. GetCreditScore is an initiative developed by SocietyOne, Australia’s Peer-to-Peer lending platform. GetCreditScore.com.au uses VedaScore, the credit score developed by Australia’s local and leading credit bureau Veda. Knowing your credit score is an important step in helping you understand the information

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Get Ready Australia for RateSetter

RateSetter is one of the world’s largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders based in the UK. They have now arrived in Australia and have been building out their P2P business model with a plan to be opening shortly. The Australian team, is headed by Daniel Foggo, a former banker with Barclays Capital and Rothschild in Sydney and London

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Harmoney NZ Launches

The NZ P2P lender Harmoney launched last week and they announced today that they have raised some NZ$100m in funds to lend. Neil Roberts who heads up Harmoney, said that the money raised had been from four large investors including the domestic bank Heartland. It really is an impressive launch of a P2P business to

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Attractive returns from a proven asset class via SocietyOne P2P

  SocietyOne is Australia’s first fully compliant P2P lending platform. SocietyOne offers investors the opportunity to invest directly into a diversified portfolio of personal loans issued to credit-worthy Australian borrowers. Personal lending is an asset class that has been one of the most profitable parts of the Big 4 Australian Banks.